JOAZ.PALM made in Italy

About Joaz.Palm

Our mission

Joaz.Palm is an Amsterdam-based footwear label, established by fashion designer Jered Joaz Rust and his wife Brittny Rust Cairo.

The couple is very passionate about fashion and sneakers. Over time they experienced quite a large gap between the mainstream and exclusive shoes. They constantly found themselves looking for fashion with unique characteristics, which the Dutch market didn’t offer.  And they were not alone in this search for something better, clearly there is a market for it. Their desire for exclusivity turned into reality in 2013 as they decided to chase their dreams by starting to design sneakers to their heart.

The vision of Joaz was very clear. He wanted to create not just a sneaker. He wanted to create a piece that stands by itself. One that makes you adjust your outfit to your footwear instead of the other way around.


Joaz got inspired during his visit in Italy by many things that crossed his path. The locals and their own sense of style, conversations with inspiring individuals, the low and high mountains he gazed at from his window on the train ride from Milan city to Naples.

And with that the ideas were born to create the first exclusive models including the Full mountain cut, Half mountain cut, Hi studs boards and Low studs board. The pieces are received extremely well by the market. What started off as designing for friends and close ones expanded rapidly to many other Joaz.Palm fans.

Nowadays the Joaz.Palm collection consists out of a variety of unique and contemporary models. Each and every one of them are handmade in Italy with Italians finest materials and color combinations that will simply wow you.

Joaz.Palm is happy and grateful for the accomplishments so far and hopes to touch many others with his designs as well. With highest quality & service, constant flow of new materials and original designs as his top priorities he strives to dominate the international sneaker game.

Fashion is art- Joaz.Palm

Yours Sincerely,